Enjoy it while you can, shut ins

Ainsley Earhardt Replaces Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Fox & Friends

Considering how quickly the airhead was replaced on the little-watched weekend show a few years ago, it shouldn’t be long at all before the ignorant, uneducated, incurious Barbie doll gets bounced back to obscurity. Of course it will get blamed on her being so tired from caring for an infant and her older son.

Any bets on how long she lasts?


Schadenfreude, Baby!

Schadenfreude, Baby!

As soon as the big baby Sparty doesn’t get his way, he starts calling other women “bimbos.” But if anyone dares to criticize the object of his sicko obsession? He’ll attack as if you personally beat her with a lead pipe.

Ainsley didn’t get the job because SHE IS NO GOOD AT IT. She failed at the weekend gig, so why would the suits give her the top spot? No matter how nice the 5-foot-1 pudgy nearsighted guy is and no matter how much he practices, he doesn’t get a spot on an NBA team.

It’s About Time

Who didn’t see this coming?

Kiran Chetry’s time at CNN is coming to an end, say sources who claim the “American Morning” beauty was seen packing up her desk today. Chetry has told colleagues that she plans to leave the network at the end of the month, and Ali Velshi and Christine Romans will continue as interim anchors on the low-rated morning news show.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/next_cnn_exit_i0fvStFEJB8zuTRreCDczO#ixzz1S5iPgh7u

Guess all those pervs who insisted that her CNN show would crush FOX & Friends would make Murdoch et al. regret not firing Gretchen Carlson are furiously making up new rationalizations. Gretchen still reigns supreme in the morning cable wars, despite potshots from the peanut gallery. And, no Jake, Chetry is not coming back to Fox – unless it’s to share overnight headline duty with that other waste of space.

Point & Laugh

Once again, it’s time to point and laugh at Spurty and his pervy delusions.

With Megyn Kelly out on maternity leave, Martha MacCallum was in England to cover the insipid behavior over there and Gretchen Carlson with time off and then to add to the coverage in London, Stalky’s beloved Ainsley Earhardt didn’t budge from the overnight desk.

What makes the Schadenfreude especially juicy is that Spurty had such high hopes for this last week or so.

Nope. She never was, and never will be (short of a plague wiping out the female population of the English-speaking world). The only reason she filled in at the end of the year was because the Village Idiot was off spawning. Otherwise, the gaping, cavernous grin of Courtney Friel usually fills the TV screen during the last week or so of the year.

 And the whining commences! No, it was not an insult to the women of Fox. It means that the women who are qualified weren’t available to fill in, so they went with the next best substitute. Or women from the local FOX5 station.

 Can’t you just see Spurty dabbing his eyes and wiping his nose on the sleeves of his ratty sweatshirt – the same one he wore  when he stalked the Airhead in person?

So, sit back and enjoy!